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We need you. This pipeline would already be pumping fracked gas if it wasn't for all the tenacious people of Appalachia and beyond, who stood up for their communities. All the hours monitoring construction, submitting public comments, writing letters to the editor, presenting successful legal challenges, and speaking truth to power...they're working.

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Simple map of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in red. The map shows the pipeline traveling from West Virginia to southern Virginia with the label "303 miles".
What Is the MVP?

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project is an incomplete, underground 42-inch fracked gas transmission pipeline project that is steamrolling its way over life-giving water and land across 303 miles, from northern West Virginia to southern Virginia. The MVP's proposed 72-mile Southgate extension and its Lambert Compressor station target communities in Virginia and North Carolina. Entering its ninth year of resistance, our diverse movement of landowners, Indigenous water protectors, Black community leaders, and climate activists is so close to stopping this fossil fuel pipeline.
Why Stop The MVP
Though the communities along MVP's path of destruction won't benefit from the fracked gas the pipeline is intended to transport, these same people are expected to withstand constant disruption to their livelihoods and damage to the water, air and land they depend on.

In the middle of a climate crisis that demands a just transition to a renewable future, the Mountain Valley Pipeline is the last thing we need. Were MVP ever to be put into service, this climate nightmare's annual greenhouse gas emissions would be equivalent to 19 million passenger vehicles, or 23 new coal-fired power plants–not to mention the constant risk of landslide-driven explosions among some of the steepest mountain slopes in Appalachia.

Through more than four years of construction, MVP has seized land through eminent domain and violated both state and federal environmental protection laws hundreds of times, all relying upon a false narrative that the project is inevitable and unanimously desired. MVP has targeted poor, rural, and underserved communities, assuming that a resistance couldn't be mounted–and that's where they were mistaken. Together we are rising to #StopMVP once and for all.
Our Coalition
In addition to all the brave individuals who have put in countless hours in steadfast resistance, the following organizations have shared time, knowledge and resources to defeat MVP, its Southgate extension, and all unnecessary fossil fuel expansion in the region.
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